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of our lives

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We are the members of the Nick Hathaway Society of America, International. We represent the tens of fans of Mr. Hathaway's music around the world, from the isle of Manhattan to Staten Island.


"There never was a songwriter quite like Nick Hathaway."

-- Will Friedwald (author, writer)


Of a "Life" Led the "Hatha" Way

JAMESON BABCOCK born in Chester, Pennsylvania, to his mother and father.

BABY JAMESON speaks his first words: "Ooka dooka dicka dee." No one could imagine what these words portended.

PIANO LESSONS -- People probably gave them in his hometown of Chester, Penn.

NICKNAME -- Young Jameson takes on the nickname "Nick," which is short for "Nickname." His new name seems to suit the budding composer, who showed an ability to take, or "nick," from the music he loved.

JULLIARD -- Nick applies to this prestigious musical conservatory in New York City.

EARLY WORK -- Upon receiving the decision from Julliard, Hathaway starts his first job, working on the streets of New York's historic Tin Pan Alley, which had by this time become the floral district.

THE MAN IN THE HATHAWAY NON DE PLUME -- Inspired by the label in a friend's shirt, Nick takes his professional name. "Nick" "Hathaway" is born!






FIRST SONG! High up in his penthouse/above the Square of Times/Nick writes his first love song/and this is how it rhymes: I'm hot for you You're hot for me Ooka dooka dicka dee




"CHOO-CHOO" POP -- Hathaway writes lyrics to C. K. Dexter Haven's piano concerto, "Choo-Choo Mama."











"In the history of the American avant-garde, Nick Hathaway stands out as a figure of rare conventionality."

-- George E. Lewis, Edwin H. Case Professor of American Music, Columbia University


"MOUSETRAP" MAN -- Hathaway is selected by the great director Jeffrey Cordova to write the songs for the avant-garde play, Man in a Mousetrap. Fascinatingly, this conceptual production had no songs.







ED SULLIVAN SHOW -- Nick attends the legendary CBS variety program. Stars this evening include Kate Smith, the Brazilia Circus, and Canadian funnymen Wayne and Shuster.




NASHVILLE NICK -- Hathaway displays his hillbilly side with his country composition "If You're Running Away from Me, I'm Behind You All the Way"

PSYCHE! -- Nick gets into a groovy bag, retreating in seclusion for hours to compose the fifteen-movement psychedelic opus he conceived of as "a middle-age symphony to Satan." Only one part of this lost masterpiece survives: the seven-minute "The War Between the States of Mind."

REHAB -- Hathaway reads all about the Betty Ford Center for rehabilitation from alcohol and drug abuse, which has treated such notables as Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Cash, and Lindsey Lohan.


THE METICULOUS YEARS -- Inspired by his growing experience as a proofreader for trade journals, Hathaway composes works including "Upon Whom May I Rely?" "Love Is She," and "Nor I You," among the most grammatical of songs in American music.

R.I.P., JAMESON "NICK" (BABCOCK) HATHAWAY -- Hathaway passes into history, with his musical legacy.


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Muldaur, Ooka Dooka Dicka Dee sung by Geoff Muldaur

Ooka Dooka Dicka Dee sung by Jill Sobule and John Doe

Choo Choo Mama sung by Allan Harris


Portrait of Nick Hathaway (fascimile)


Choo-Choo Mama

Music by C. K. Dexter Haven

Words by Jameson "Nick" Hathaway

Come meet me, mama,
at the railroad hub
I've got a ticket
and it isn't a stub
So, yank that cord
and go woo-woo, too
Oh -- woo-woo me
and I can woo-woo you
Choo-choo mama
Never turning back
She's a sleeper
If you keep her
On the track
Mahwah to Saginaw
to Syracuse
You take the engine
and I'll grab the caboose
Oh, mind those curves
and don't skip a stop
'Cause a choo-choo mama
needs a choo-choo pop
Choo-choo mama
Engine never fails
She'll be mine
Or I'll go flyin'
Off the rails

Man in a Mousetrap

Words and music by Jameson "Nick" Hathaway

Man in the metropolis
Radio city
in the television age
Swizzle sticks and girders
A girdered cage!
Every woman feathered
Prematurely weathered
All the men untethered
Many of them leathered
Man and woman and man and bird and cat and mouse
In the metropolis
Man in mid-town
Man in the marketplace
Man in a magazine
Man in the metropolis
Man in a mousetrap
Walls of glass and granite grow in rows up from the ground of tar
and shit and they rise towering and flowering as man and woman
far below run left and right and make another right
and then two lefts and crash against the walls of mortar and
mortality and at the end as if in reckoning comes the scent of
silk and dollars beckoning...
like cheese
O, how can you scream
when the spring goes "Snap"?
Everybody knows that it's a trap